Germany. An international delegation of refugee students and alumni take part in the conference ‘The Other 1 Percent – Refugees at Institutions for Higher Education Worldwide’.

Marie N’dou is originally from Cote d’Ivoire. She came to Ghana in April 2011 with her family. She lived in the Ampain refugee camp in the western region of Ghana. In the camp, she engaged in voluntary activities. For example, she worked as a facilitator for community hygiene club. She also took care of an elderly sick lady admitted in the hospital. In 2013, she applied for a DAFI scholarship to do a Master’s degree in Business administration. She was successful and completed in 2015 her MBA, specialized in Project Management. Since July 2018, she works as a UN volunteer with IOM in Accra, Ghana, where she holds a position of Oper-ations Assistant in Data Processing.