Germany. An international delegation of refugee students and alumni take part in the conference ‘The Other 1 Percent – Refugees at Institutions for Higher Education Worldwide’.

Hina Shikhani, 21 years old, pursues a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Originally from Afghanistan, Hina is a refugee in Pakistan.
While her family and teacher always encouraged Hina to become a professional in the medical field, Hina saw herself supporting her family and society in a different way. “I wanted to do something creative, innovative, practical and social”, Hina recalls. “I had to go against the will of my family in order to stay true to my identity”.
Through a fellow refugee student, Hina learned of the DAFI scholarship. Being selected has relieved her parents, who also support Hina’s siblings, of a financial burden. “My parents have said that I am like a son to them. It gives me confidence and motivates me to study even harder.”
When not studying, Hina is involved with her university’s Blood Donor Society, where she
organizes awareness raising events and blood donation sessions.
Additionally, she has led debates revolving around gender equality and other pressing issues in society.
Hina is a passionate advocate for education, particularly girls’ education. “In our society, girls are often not encouraged to pursue their education past the primary level”, Hina explains. She, however, always saw herself furthering her education and someday advocating for education on a global platform.